The Amazing Borobudur

The Amazing Borobudur

Borobudur temple is the most magnificent Buddhist monument and the largest stupa complex in the world that is recognized by UNESCO. Borobudur Temple as a whole becomes a masterpiece gallery of stone carvers, the most magnificent and the largest monument and stupa complex in the world is visited by pilgrims in the mid-ninth century until the beginning of the 11th century.

Reliefs carved on the temple walls are divided into 4 main stories, they are Karnawibangga, LalitaWistara, Jataka and Awadana, and Gandawyuda. Besides telling about the life journey of Buddha and his teachings, reliefs alos recorded the improvement of Javanese community that was superior and powerful, and it can be seen in 10 reliefs of existing ships.

Borobudur not only has a very high artistic value, a great work as the evidence of human civilization in the past is also loaded with philosophical values. Raises the concept of Mandala that symbolized the cosmology of the universe in Buddha teachings, this magnificent building is divided into three levels, namely the world of desire or lust (Kamadhatu), the world of form (Rupadhatu) and the world without any form (Arupadhatu).

When viewed from the height, Borobudur Temple is like lotus petal on the hill. The wall of the temple which are in the Kamadhatu and Arupadhatu levels as the flower petals, while a row of circular stupa at Arupadhatuleves as the stamen. The main stupa represents the Buddha, so the whole Borobudur illustrates Buddha sitting on a lotus petal.

Enjoying the splendor of Borobudur Temple is no enough just walking down the aisle and climbing into the top of the temple. One thing to look out for is to see Borobudur Sunrise and Borobudur Sunset over the temple. jogja tour. The splash of morning sunlight hitting the stupas and the statue of Buddha makes the grandeur and splendor of the temple being more felt. While standing on the top of the temple at twilight within a row of stupas and watching the sun slowly began to shade will create a calm and peaceful feeling.